Compete Over 40


Elite Fitness Competition Coaching


We train women over 40 for the fitness competition stage and for professional photoshoots.


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Compete Over 40

Elite Coaching Program


An advanced Month-to-Month Personalized Coaching Program designed to train women over 40 to prepare them for the fitness competition stage and/or professional photoshoot.


Elite Program Description


Vitality: Elevate Your 40+ Fitness Plan

Age is just a number, and Ageless Vitality proves it! This is your moment to rise and redefine fitness in your 40s. Say hello to a journey tailored to your life stage, goals, and aspirations. With expert guidance, you'll navigate through personalized phases, enhancing strength, flexibility, and whole-body wellness. Whether you're chasing vitality, resilience, or simply a fitter you, Ageless Vitality is your trusted companion on this inspiring path. Ignite your 40+ fitness journey and unlock a world of boundless possibilities!

Radiant 40+ Macros Mastery: Unveil Your Nutritional Power

Radiant 40+ Macros Mastery is your invitation to unveil your nutritional power in your fabulous 40s! Picture a plan that adapts to your training phases, keeping those hormones happy and vibrant. But here's the secret recipe – it's all about balanced beauty. While we're guiding you towards the fitness stage, we're also celebrating the joys of food. With an 80% whole food embrace and a 20% sprinkle of soul food delight, we're sculpting a journey that empowers and indulges. Get ready to nourish radiance, ignite vitality, and rewrite your nutritional story with Radiant 40+ Macros Mastery!

EmpowerHer Weekly Unleash Calls

EmpowerHer Weekly Unleash is here to redefine progress and empowerment! Immerse yourself in empowering phone calls with your fitness coach, and ignite transformation through dedicated weekly check-ins with your fitness coach. It's a journey of tracking, measuring, and capturing your growth with progress pics. We're your partners, your cheerleaders, and your navigators through challenges. Your success is our canvas, and we're here to co-create a masterpiece of empowerment together. Say yes to EmpowerHer Weekly Unleash and unveil the unstoppable you!

For those who like details...

The goal is to compete in one or more of the following categories: Bikini, Women’s Fitness, Fitness Model, Glamour or Transformation.  For details on each category, please click here

  • Periodized training program (available for both home and gym)
  • Personalized macros plan
  • Access to Accountability group & Tracker (weekly measurements/weight/progress pics)
  • Weekly phone check-ins with Nutrition Coach
  • Monthly zoom check-ins with Fitness Coach
  • Monthly Team check-ins with Fitness Coach
  • Access to Weekly Fitness & Nutrition 101 Zoom Call
  • Access to Weekly Zoom Support Call
  • Posing coaching sessions & routine choreography ( 3 posing sessions)

Access to a gym is recommended, but not required. 

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